Date of creation 2021
Task Design és frontend
Web address Idestyle

The task was a simple landing page, completed with a gallery, and an admin dashboard.

About the job

In this case the task was a bit complicated. The concept about the portfolio had already been done in my head, and also I advised the cover image of the homepage with the blue hummingbird that Írisz Makár painted in a few days, and then I digitized it. I'd like to make this to be a moving element on the home page, making this way the site a bit more interactive with some simple solutions, to keep the page dynamic, seamless, and flexible, also avoid it to be too complicated but something special.

Creating the gallery and the dashboard was a bit more difficult than it seemed for the first sight. The gallery filter got a specified mobile optimization and because of that reason, there are more than 10 filters for the images, and we needed it to take up a smaller space. Also, at the admin dashboard, the employer has a separated surface to handle the incoming offers to her images for sale, answer them and mark them as read. Not to mention that she has some possibilities to fully modify the gallery, edit text, images, delete them, or upload new ones with the possibility of creating, or modifying tags. And let's not forget that the full content of the page is also editable via this platform.