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Have you crossed the borders of social media and you need more and unique?

The time has come for your portfolio, or a simple landing page, or you want to tell more about yourself? Maybe you want an online CV because lately it's cool? You're in the right place.

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How do we start?
The process

I will assess your needs, what exactly you want, how many pages it would be, and if you would like to edit your content or not. In case it doesn't require frequent updates.

Let’s specify

I will keep on developing your website, in the meantime focusing on responsiveness and SEO, then after many status updates made to you, we will get the job done.

Discuss, finalize

I keep on developing Your website, in the meantime focusing on responsivity and SEO, then after many status updates made to You, We get the job done.

What type of webpages we do?
As it can be seen in my references, we have finished some webpages lately

But it doesn't mean we do every type of job. For example, Webshops are just not in our workshop. Usually on webpages with a dashboard, I work together with one of my friends specialized to Back-End, because it's a way more serious job than Frontend. What's sure, there's a higher chance that we are starting more visual design jobs without coding. But also, don't be afraid to ask in E-mail if we can make your webpage or not, asking a question costs nothing.

Static webpage

There were many different cases I've met when my client needed just a static website, with fixed content, because they didn’t want to change the content frequently, or didn’t want a change in the future at all. The creating process then becomes easier, and the time spent on creating a "basic" static website decreases too, so does the price. It's ideal when you have a startup project, and you just want to roll into the business world with minimal costs.

How much it costs?
Coding and designing dashboard

When it comes to the dashboard, it gets quite complicated. Because it's obvious, you want to manage your own content, and it changes way more often. With a dashboard you are able to change the contents, buttons, and in case you have a gallery made to your website, then we can create a possibility to change images, delete them, or upload new ones. These types of functions are made in PHP and in SQL databases, and that's why they cost more.

How much it costs?
What's in the box?
  • Common discussion
  • Measuring needds
  • Building the structure
  • Coding
  • If needed creating an Admin dashboard
  • Advice on Hosting
But what about the price?
Static webpage
A full "basic" webpage
Starts at


  • Web Design with coding
  • Maximum 3 pages
  • Onepage landing page
  • Static content
  • Advice on Hosting
Complete webpage
with Admin dashboard
Starts at


  • Web Design with coding
  • Admin dashboard
  • Fully editable content
  • In-buildable elements like gallery
  • Advice on Hosting
Multipage website
Landing Page, with sub pages
Starts at


  • Web Design kódolással
  • Landing page
  • Multi sub pages
  • In-buildable elements like gallery
  • Advice on Hosting

Let's get down to business

Discuss the details.
Feel free to ask anything, I'm delighted to answer