Date of creation 2018 November
Task Logó design
Web address Esperanzabolt

The task was to create a webshop logo, with the name "esperanzabolt". Since then it's running as "Deconline".

About the job

I was trying to keep my work according to the brief. First of all, my imagination was a shopping cart. Then I thought it through, and I thought that this shouldn't be just about this. What if it was the part of the typography? From this idea the curve and the final version of the logo came where instead of the letter E an element what is like a shopping cart is placed. It was an interesting challenge to me, and I could easily communicate as an anonym user with the contest organizer, so we could make every modification he needed. At the end of the selection I was really surprised receiving an email with the content: "You were selected as a winner of a contest".

As most of my works I look back to this with a nice feeling too. And what especially surprised me that I was chosen from 126 participants, that's a number that I'm really proud of, and I always try to create a really precise work, according to all the smallest requests of my contest organizer. For me, every job is like a story or a movie that you have to live, that you have to feel and associate with, so you can get the best experience.