Skyhawk Aviation

Date of creation 2018 June
Task Brand design
Web address Skyhawk Aviation

The task was a simple, air taxi, flying attendant schgool logo, with extended brand image. (business card, rollup)

About the job

After Sufni Bistro, this is quite my next work that brought me challenges. While I was participating with my entry, the logo was modified many times, together with the costumer we made every retouch, so we could have the totally perfect result for him. Probably this one was the most liked one of my works. It's true that I'd been using Illustrator that time, but many times I had struggle with the curves, and I was just a beginner in the topic, so it took me three times more effort than I would need for creating it today.

It was a really great opportunity, and loved every part of it, I especially was glad that I was chosen to be the winner out of about 50 competitors. Tough the website and the brand are still under construction, I think we've created a great beginning point for it.